You’ve already proven yourself as an Entrepreneur.


You know there is so much opportunity in front of you. And, right now, you don't necessarily need more tips and tricks.

But, what you do need is: more timereal business advising, and most of all cash flow so you can invest back into the business.



You started your business and are now on your way to becoming a
million dollar brand.


How would it feel if you were surrounded by other high-level entrepreneurs?


The struggles of multiple 6-figure to 7-figure business owners are different than of those who are just getting started. It oftentimes includes protecting the time of the CEO, along with growing sales, and managing scaling new systems and processes.

Here at WorkSmart we know that your struggles are not the everyday side-hustlers' struggles. We’ve seen again and again what entrepreneurs like you really need: tactical support in scaling your business and making it run like a well-oiled machine without requiring you to work endless hours

You need support with so many things: 

💥Building a team confidently. 

💥Assessing and leveraging your data

💥Generating repeatable revenue.

And most importantly

💥Transitioning into becoming a true CEO

💥creating a sustainable work/life and lifestyle for yourself.

You qualify for the
WorkSmart Program if: 

  • You are hitting $8k+ in monthly revenue - consistently.
  • You are working full time in your business.
  • You sometimes struggle with making the transition to Owner/CEO and not just founder/hardest working employee.  
  • You can’t seem to escape the grind and keep getting stuck in the weeds, day after day. 
  • You know you need to delegate and hire but you feel nervous about wasting money or losing control.
  • You’re tired of never being able to take time off without being interrupted by a client or employee who has a “fire”.
  • You want increased cash flow and higher revenue but you’re not sure what to prioritize first.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join The WorkSmart Program



A Group Of Your Peers

Join the program and a highly selective group of serious entrepreneurs who are all doing at minimum six figures in their business upon joining. 

Why so selective? Because we understand that managing a team, sustaining some semblance of a life, and reaching for crazy high revenue goals is something you can’t talk about with just anyone. Well, in WorkSmart you can. 

We know you may feel alone sometimes, but once you join this group you will never feel that way again!

Our growing community of WorkSmart CEOs is there to support, encourage, and uplift you. Need feedback or have questions, reach out to your WorkSmart Network!

Live WorkShops

Your group will have bi-weekly calls with me or one of my trusted WorkSmart Advisors. The first will be a workshop to learn new tactics and to set expectations for yourself and your business for the duration of the program (and beyond). 

Every other week you will be introduced to one of the five WorkSmart pillars to help you level up and unleash your entrepreneurial potential. Our WorkSmart Advisor Team is made up of a CPA/Financial Planner, HR and Recruitment Specialist, a Legal Team, a Rainmaker, and an Operations Specialist. 

Prior to each call you will be able to submit questions and even documents that you want Morgan (your new Chief Revenue Officer) to take a look at. Hotseat calls are meant to help you accelerate your growth and get un-stuck. This is also an opportunity to learn from a diverse set of other business owners, because it’s all about momentum.

The WorkSmart Executive Vault

Once your cohort starts, you will get immediate access to the entire WorkSmart curriculum as well as an entire library of additional trainings. 

Whenever you need a jolt of “what would Morgan do”, you can dive right into your resource pile. Inside you’ll find education around revenue drivers, how to prioritize and be more mindfully productive, how to plan your calendar like a CEO, and even trainings on how to close large enterprise clients.




Jamal Newborn

CEO, Exposyour

"The Worksmart Program is life changing! Being in business for 15 years this gave me a revitalizing beginning. I feel like I did when I first started with so much energy and new ideas but equipped with a solid plan and course of action to get there!"

Nakia J. S. Thomas

CEO, Few Editorial Services and Creative Suites

"Every conversation, lesson, task, and connective moment through WorkSmart has totally revamped my business for the better! Better cash flows, better processes, better team, better strategies, better support system, better me! Everything has gone up a level. I've realized that there is only so much you can Google your way through. Sometimes, you need someone who's been there and done that, more than once, to walk you through your next phase of success."

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How would it feel if you were finally able to get out of the weeds of your business and focus on accelerating to the next level? 

The struggles of multiple 6-figure to 7-figure business owners are different than of those who are just getting started. It oftentimes includes protecting the time of the CEO (you!), along with growing sales, and managing scaling new systems and processes. You know there is so much opportunity in front of you. And, right now, you don't need more tips and tricks. But, what you do need is: more time, real business advising, and repeatable revenue

Here at WorkSmart we know that your struggles are not the everyday side-hustlers' struggles. We’ve proven again and again that what entrepreneurs like you really need is tactical support in making your business not as dependent on you.  


Everything included in the program 

Dive into the entire WorkSmart Program curriculum:

This is For You If You


✔️Generate at least $10k in revenue consistently 

✔️Are ready to master the mindset of leadership and of a true CEO

✔️Feel your business revenue and growth have plateaued and you want to jumpstart your growth

✔️Excel at your craft, but feel overwhelmed when it comes to hiring, delegating, and managing your business

✔️Are ready to learn systems to maximize your output and scale your current customer base

✔️Want to learn how to accurately predict future business growth and direction

✔️You’re ready to delegate and build a team

This is Not For You If You

  Are just starting out in business and have not mastered your target audience and positioning within the industry

Have not reached at least $5k in recurring, repeating, and predictable monthly revenue

 Are not prepared to invest in new hires, implement new strategies, or give tasks and responsibilities to team members

 Just want an easy quick-fix to more money in your business 

 Aren’t open to any professional development of yourself to step up as a true CEO and ONLY want the strategy



Hi - I'm Morgan, Your Biz Advisor 

I’m a serial entrepreneur and creator who has mastered the art of scalable success.  As the Founder and CEO of Blavity, AfroTech, Summit 21, 21N Ninety, and M. Roze Essentials, I’m intimately familiar with the mindset, tools, and methods needed by CEO's to scale a business and grow effective teams. 
I know what it takes to grow a business and team that not only succeeds but LEADS.

With over 10 years of experience in business, I've seen all the programs out there to help you launch your company and get your ideas out there. 
But I've also seen the
lack of programs that show established entrepreneurs like you how to scale your business revenue to the next level - and especially do it on repeat.

I created WorkSmart to give you a powerful blend of CEO mindset and high-level business strategy, so that you can take the revenue you’ve made each month and amplify it up to 300%.  I believe in these methods to create repeatable revenue in your business.  But more importantly, I believe in YOU.

You and I both know that growing a business from the ground up takes hard work and commitment.  Even more to build one that lasts.  But you don’t have to do it all by yourself anymore.  I’m giving you access to my playbook silver platter so that you can 

  • trade in your baby steps for quantum leaps
  • kick ass as an unstoppable entrepreneur
  • get the bag with a scalable process for success!

I’m ready to see you make more in your business.  Are you?