Simple Tweaks To Level Up Your Instagram

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2019

One of the most important things about scaling your business is growing your customers, clients and opportunities. With over 500 million daily users, Instagram should be a huge part of your growth strategy. IG is most likely the front door to your business and you only have 3 seconds or less to make an impression on a potential new follower.

Back in day I had 0 followers on Instagram. Now I have 5+ accounts reaching over 1M people a day all targeting different demographics and potential customers for my businesses. Instagram has introduced me to new partners, clients, speakers for our conferences and was the first way we monetized Blavity. This all happened because I was intentional about the core audience, curated the right content from influencers and ultimately... did the work!

This week I want you to do a deep dive on your IG and audit your profile to see what tweaks you can make to drive results in your business. Here are a few questions for you to get started with #TheWorkSmartAudit:

  1. What are your goals on Instagram? What actions do you want a viewer to take from your IG? Are those actions aligned with the business or personal goals you’ve set for yourself?
  2. What are your pillars and values? If someone had to describe you via your Instagram with 3 words what would you want them to say? Mine is: authentic business owner, advisor and a lover of everyday luxury (#robelife!). The photos on your feed should align with your personal or business brand pillars.
  3. If the last 5 posts on your IG feed were a commercial for your life, what would it say? What would you a viewer take away from it (be honest with yourself!)?


Is your account providing any value to someone new discovering your page. Is it clear why they should follow you?


Here are simple quick tips to elevate your IG this week:

  1. Download VSCO and use the same one or two filters for every photo. This helps create an elevated professional look and develops your brand identity. Great suggestions on how to do this can be found here.
  2. Curate your feed and delete old posts that are no longer relevant. That event you did 2 years ago... delete the flyer! That food selfie you posted that has NOTHING to do with your core value.. buh bye!
  3. Storytelling captions... are your captions engaging or basic AF? Aim to share your personality and thoughts in your captions. It can feel kind of weird but imagine you were explaining the moment in the photo to your super old and really loving grandma. Try it, I promise it works!
  4. Update the link in your bio to drive results. It’s the most dynamic part of your profile and the link should be a reflection of the action you want people to take from your most recent posts.
  5. Linger in those comments! Reply or heart everyone who comments on your recent posts. Instagram is all about community. Give and you shall receive.


Hopefully these quick tips I've will help you refresh and focus your IG to drive more results in your business. Now, it's time for you to go do the work.