Morgan DeBaun’s Guide to Rocking Your Pregnancy: The Must-Haves for a Badass Mom-To-Be

19 April 2024

Hey Gorgeous Future Mama

I’m here to share what you need to rock your pregnancy journey as a working woman balancing it all. Let’s face it, growing a human is no small feat, and you deserve to feel as fabulous as you are. So, let’s dive into my pregnancy must-have list for working women.

Generally, my philosophy was:

During pregnancy, choose fewer but premium quality items to buy and invest in. You’re going to accumulate so much stuff with baby coming try to minimize things you have to clear out in your home.

Magnesium: Your New BFF

First up, let’s talk magnesium – both the spray and the powder drinks. Why? Because honey, cramps, and restless nights are for the birds. A spritz of Magnesium Spray on your legs or hips before bed can be a game-changer. A warm cup of tea with magnesium before bed is helpful at keeping those muscles relaxed and your energy up. I learned the hard way after waking up with charlie horses and carpel tunnel in my wrist from typing all day.

Pregnancy Pillows: Sleep Like a Queen

Sleep can get weird when you’re pregnant. A Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow is a must. It’s like a cuddle buddy that actually understands what you need – support for your back, your hips, your everything. And for the mamas who are always on the move, the Wedge Pregnancy Pillow is your compact comrade for targeted support. When I was traveling in my first trimester/2nd trimester, I brought my wedge with me too.

Buy The Maternity Clothes

Go ahead, hit up H&M and Old Navy. I tried to avoid buying maternity clothes, but trust me at some point you WILL need them. Instead of being stubborn like me, go ahead and run to a simple store and grab a few pairs of stretchy leggings, a few flowy tops, some cami’s (so you can wear button-downs unbuttoned), a pair of sneakers a half a size up (trust me!). Dance in flowy dresses. Do not overspend on bras because your size will continue to change all the way through postpartum. Flaunt that bump and show the world that pregnancy is yet another stage where you shine, undiminished, unstoppable, and undeniably stylish.

Prenatal Chiropractors: Your Back’s New Best Friend

Let’s talk chiropractors first. Now, before you go anywhere, have a chat with your OBGYN. They’re like the Google Maps of pregnancy resources and can point you to the best prenatal chiropractors in town. And here’s a pro tip: check with your insurance because there’s a good chance they’ll cover chiropractic care. It’s like finding out your favorite dessert is calorie-free – totally sweet!

Especially in your third trimester, as you gear up for the marathon of labor, a chiropractor becomes your secret weapon. They’re like body whisperers, aligning your spine, hips, and pelvis to make sure you’re in top form for D-day (Delivery day!). My chiropractor was my weekly rendezvous in the last few weeks, ensuring everything was lined up for a smooth (and mostly pain-free) labor.

Prenatal Massages: A Mini-Vacation for Your Body

Now, let’s get into the blissful world of prenatal massages. Imagine this: lying down, stress melting away, while skilled hands work their magic on your swollen, achy body. Sounds like a slice of heaven, right? Bi-weekly massages in your third trimester aren’t just a treat; they’re a necessity. They help with inflammation, reduce swelling, and give you an excuse to waddle out of the house for some pampering.

After each session, I felt like a new woman – more mobile, more relaxed, and ready to take on the world… or at least a good night’s sleep, which, let’s be honest, is a pregnant woman’s dream.

Buy the bigger Bra Size. Yes they are going to get bigger.
I know, I know. How can those things get any bigger? Well trust me sis, they are about to go through various levels of darkening, stretching and transitioning. Go ahead and buy some comfy bras to sleep in!

Book a Hotel: The Last Hoorah for Just the Two of You

Think of this staycation as the final solo voyage with your partner before you embark on the greatest adventure of your lives – a new addition to your family. It’s a time to connect, reflect, and dream about the future with your soon-to-be-expanded family. It’s about making memories that you’ll look back on fondly when you’re knee-deep in diapers and baby giggles.

Find a local spot that spells relaxation. Josh and I went to a nearby farm to table resort for a few nights here in Tennessee. Maybe it’s a quaint B&B with a stunning view, or a luxurious hotel with the comfiest beds you can sink into. The goal is to find a place that feels like a world away, even though you’re just around the corner.

Other random things to buy:

Blood pressure cuff. As a working woman, we have a ton of stress and sometimes its hard to know whats normal and whats elevated. After a scare that sent me to the hospital, I started tracking my blood pressure in the morning and at night to monitor my levels!

Favorite Apps

Baby tracking: The Bump App and What to Expect.

Meditation: Expectful

Favorite Classes

Pain Free Birth: Prep like you’re not getting an epidural… Even if you ARE!

Newborn 101
We did the in person house training, but its also available online. Josh and I took this together to learn how to swaddle, the basics of breastfeeding and to help us learn how to use all of the gadgets around the house like our baby brezza, pumps and sound machines.

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