Rich to Wealthy


Adopting a wealthy mindset is about embracing abundance and leveraging your resources – time, money, effort – towards your highest priorities and greatest joys. It flips the script on conventional attitudes about luxury, pleasure, and self-care being somehow frivolous or undeserved.

A wealthy mindset recognizes life has one instruction: enjoy it. Thus, part of living well means letting go of guilt, of misplaced thrift, of sacrifices that leave your soul empty. It certainly doesn’t mean reckless consumerism for vain status. Rather, it’s about spending intentionally on that which enriches your life most. Finding services, upgrades and comforts that simplify and enhance. Outsourcing tasks you find burdensome like cooking, cleaning and errands – because your time and energy matter. Investing in personal growth, joy, memorable experiences and deep connections instead of just accumulating more stuff.

With a wealthy mindset, luxury can mean buying yourself those small daily delights or once-in-a-lifetime splurges. Treat yourself without apology. But even more than material things – invest without restraint in growth, people and moments that light you up. That is true prosperity.

  1. Grocery Delivery – Services like Instacart allow you to skip trips to the supermarket so you can spend that time on more meaningful or enjoyable activities.
  2. Meal Kits/Prep/Chef – Outsource home cooking by getting healthy pre-made meals or meal kit delivery, freeing up hours a week.
  3. House Cleaning – Hire professional cleaners so you don’t have to spend weekends scrubbing floors and toilets.
  4. Farmer’s market local vegetables – Weekly delivery of the freshest seasonal produce, better for the environment and healthier for you.
  5. Hiring a nutrition coach – Get expert macro guidance tailored to your body’s needs.
  6. Yard Work/Landscaping – Pay a pro for mowing, gardening, seasonal tasks so you can lounge outdoors enjoying the fresh flowers rather than laboring away.
  7. Pet Care – Have a dog walker take your furry friend for exercise, and grooming appointments.
  8. Child Care – Whether part-time help or full-time care, invest in trusted babysitters and nannys when you need dedicated personal time.
  9. Laundry Service – Drop off loads with wash-dry-fold laundry providers instead of wasting weekend hours at the laundromat.
  10. Ride Services – Stop wasting commute time behind the wheel using Uber, Lyft and taxi services to transport you.
  11. Personal Assistant – Delegate errands, administrative tasks and appointments to a virtual or real assistant.
  12. Financial Advisor – Work with a pro investor, advisor and money manager so you can set it and forget your finances.
  13. Home Organizing – Hire professional organizers to declutter and streamline closets, paperwork, and storage areas quarterly
  14. Travel Planning – Use a travel agent to research and book personalized vacation itineraries.
  15. Tutoring – Provide specialized academic support and enrichment for your kids, including private classes or coaching for maximizing their experience
  16. Home Repairs – Outsource fix-its rather than DIY electrical, plumbing, and construction projects.
  17. Host more and have Special Events –Have party and event planners handle the heavy lifting for celebrations and milestones.
  18. Errand Running – TaskRabbit and apps provide people to do your shopping, returns, post office trips, etc.
  19. Personal Shopping – Work with stylists to tailor your wardrobe and refine your look.
  20. Health Coaching – Partner with experts in nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, etc., to feel your best.
  21. Weekly beautiful flower delivery from a local florist.
  22. Home Technology – Pay an AV specialist to set up and integrate your smart home system.
  23. In home beauty services – Enjoy barber, nails, hair without leaving your residence.
  24. Buy organic meats from a local butcher or farm- Access ethically raised proteins customized to your taste that are healthier.
  25. Car Detailing – Rather than self-wash, have auto spa services clean and beautify your vehicles inside and out monthly.
  26. Language Lessons – Hire native-fluent teachers for learning new languages without hassling through apps.
  27. Personal Matchmaking – Use professional matchmakers to find ideal dating partners tailored to your goals + help you improve your chances of finding a match. Stop DIYING it!
  28. On call Legal Services – Outsource document review, contract drafting, and advisory work to skilled legal professionals. Stop DIYing your contracts.
  29. Beauty Services – Have hair, makeup, skincare, massage, nails and grooming handled by specialists.
  30. Interior Decorating – Work with designers to style and furnish home spaces for personalized flair. This includes decorating quarterly for the season.
  31. Packing Services – Let pros expertly organize, pack and ship your items for stress-free moving and storage. Never move yourself again
  32. Home Healthcare – Get assisted living support customized to your needs from caregivers and nurses at home.
  33. Hire a professional speaking coach. Work on your vocal and charisma
  34. Virtual Assistants – Delegate admin work, research projects and appointment scheduling to capable remote helpers.
  35. Ghostwriter- Have manuscripts, speech drafts, Linkedin Posts and business content crafted professionally on your behalf.
  36. Wedding Planning – Relieve pre-wedding burdens using coordinators for timeline logistics and styled details.
  37. Flying First Class – Always splurge on luxury air travel with extra amenities, comfort and time savings.
  38. Home Management – Have a property manager oversee home maintenance requests, upgrades, utilities, security.
  39. Personal Transportation – Use a full-time driver to handle daily commuting, driving you while you run errands a few times a month and as well as special events. Having a consistent driver means they know you, you’re safe and they can manage your preferences (water in the car etc)
  40. Specialty Shopping – Personal shoppers not only for clothes but also for niche items like art, antiques, wine, and gifts
  41. House Manager – A dedicated helper who oversees the home operation from cleaning to repairs to restocking.
  42. Always pick Express delivery – Get first up delivery or same-day delivery from retailers and services like Amazon Prime.
  43. Pre-check and clearance programs – Pay for 5-year TSA pre-check and Global Entry access.
  44. Buying Hotel Suites – Splurge on spacious luxury accommodations with extra amenities when traveling.
  45. Premium subscriptions or YouTube TV- Upgrade to higher tiers of sites/apps for more features and less ads. Also pay for premium streaming with more channels, unlimited DVR, and multiple screens.
  46. Michelin restaurants – Indulge in the world’s best dining experiences.
  47. Flexible work schedule – Negotiate hours that match your preferences and hire a coach to help you get there if needed.
  48. Hiring a performance coach or therapist – Invest in professional support for mindset, motivation and growth.
  49. In home beauty services – Enjoy barber, nails, hair without leaving your residence.
  50. Buy organic meats from a local butcher or buy into a quarter of a cow- Buy a deep freezer and access ethically raised proteins that are organic
  51. Monthly massages and facials with a consistent provider to help personalize your experience
  52. High quality sleep setup – Splurge on the best mattress, pillows and luxury sheets.
  53. Buying books and news subscriptions without thinking twice – Stay continually educated.
  54. Getting your blood or hormone levels tested – Optimize diet and supplements for peak performance.
  55. A personal videographer and editor once a week – Capture and share life moments without hassling over production.